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The 2020 Peridot Performance Horse

selections will be held on:


  • March 12-15, 2020 at Peridot Equestrian Center in San Marcos, California.

  • March 21-22, 2020 at LA Equestrian Center in Burbank, California.

  • Other locations/states by appointment.



  1. You can enter your horse here:  ENTER HORSE

  2. Please present your horse under saddle, and make sure your horse is braided and in white polo wraps. White or black bell boots are acceptable also.

  3. The horse will be ridden by our test riders.

  4. The horse will be evaluated under saddle by the selectors and riders.

  5. During the selection you are required to present us with all relevant history of the horse ( i.e. existing x-rays, medical history, vices, training and showing history, etc...)

  6. Horses are then photographed under saddle.

  7. If your horse is selected for the auction then you will be required to provide a complete new vetting including x- rays.

  8. If your horse passes the vetting, you will need to sign the auction contract and pay the entry fee (see contract for details).

  9. Once your contract is signed and fee is paid, we will contact you to schedule the delivery of the horse to Peridot, which will be some time between March 15 and April 25th (based on mutual agreement). Transport is the responsibility of the Owner. The longer the horse is with us, the better it will be ready for presentation at the auction.

  10. Your horse will then be trained and presented to potential clients up until the auction (May 2, 2020).


At Peridot Equestrian Center, each horse will enjoy nearly 9 acres of this beautifully-planned, international Dressage training facility. Some of the highlighted property amenities include:

  • Private fully fenced and gated property conveniently located 40 minutes from Del Mar Horse Park and 45 minutes from Galway Downs

  • Premiere Footing over Otto sport mats in new Covered Arena with regulation dressage court

  • Daily turn out in either our well-established grass paddocks with tiled shelters, or sand paddocks in with shelters

  • Eurocisor with mats, cleaned daily

  • 30 meter round pen with Premiere footing, walls, and customized drainage

  • Heated water wash racks, fully matted

  • Drying cross ties, fully matted

  • Safe cross ties with central vacuum system, fully matted

  • On site, 24/7 security watch

  • Nightly night-check

  • Top quality hay provided 4 x a day.

  • NOTE: Grain and supplements are to be provided by Owner of the horse during the duration of their stay at Peridot, as is veterinary and farrier care.

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